Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's fine if he likes to wear pink!

My son's favorite color is pink.  He loves vacuums.  He likes to dress up like a princess.  He also likes to run around screaming and pretend he's shooting a gun. He's four.  He doesn't care what anyone thinks.  I love that.

But society cares and people judge.  I don't think it's fair.  Particularly, the double standard.  Girls can be tomboys. People fight for girls to be able to act like boys and even cheer them on, but I have to try and explain to my four year old boy why he should probably choose something other than a dress to wear to school.  I really liked this article that looked into the differences of acceptance between Princess Boys and Star Wars Girls.

He is who is and I love him no matter what.  Perhaps I love him even more because the likes to play construction worker in a dress - that takes imagination!  It does make me angry that I have to defend him (or myself) to anyone.  I shared this article Why Should Pink Have Us Seeing Red? with my family and although it sparked interesting conversation at Easter dinner, it didn't change any minds.

This has been in the news lately and all over the web.  It's got me thinking, how about you?

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  1. I find it ridiculous that you have to defend your four year old son on his choice of favorite color, or what he likes to wear. I give you much respect for allowing him to express himself instead of creating hangups. He's FOUR, for goodness sake, and even if he turns 14 and still wants to do the same thing, so what? He's a beautiful, intelligent, creative boy, and no one should judge him in the future on anything but such merits, let alone now. Again, sorry you have to deal with idiotic and ignorant responses, and props for handling it the way you do.